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Revise for the Assessment
Books- Dew Drops , English Gr, Computer

Ev.S - Paste pictures of different animals and its shelters.
Maths - Do pg 118
Eng Gr - Revise CW
Books - Eng Gr, Hindi Gr, Ev.S

Maths and Hindi- Revise cw
English Gr- Revise cw and read pages 61 and 63
Books- English Gr, Evs 

Maths- Revise cw and do page 117
Evs and Hindi- Revise cw
Books- English Gr, English Mcb, Computer

Maths - Revise C.W. and do pg 116
Eng - Revise C.W.
Hindi - Revise C.W. 
Books - Hindi Gr. , Ev.S. , Eng MCB

Dear Parents Kindly check the datesheet of Assessment - 2.


Ev.S. - Revise C.W. 
Eng MCB - Revise C.W. and do pg 129
Books - Eng MCB, Hindi Gr. 
Note 1 - Revise for Recap .
Note 2 - Bring one A4 size coloured ruled sheet tomorrow for the activity.


Maths- Revise cw
English- Read L-9
Books- English MCB, Evs, G.k
Note- Revise for Recap

NOTE- Parents are requested to make their ward Revise the topics of recapitulation plan of dated 11.11.19, Monday.

English and Evs- Revise cw
English Gr- Do page 78.Q6 to 10
Books- English Mcb, Art

Dear Parents
This is to inform you that the school shall remain close tomorrow i.e 08.11.19, Friday from classes Nursery to Class 5
 on account of MUN Conference in the school premises . The school shall run as usual on 11.11.19, Monday 


English and Hindi- Revise cw
Evs- Read L-15
Books- English Gr, Evs, Computer
Note - Revise for Recap

Note- Parents are requested to make their ward revise the topics of recapitulation schedule
          according to the date of re-joining after the smog break.

English Gr- Revise cw
Maths-  Revise cw and do page 115
Books for Tomorrow- RMK, Drawing File and Crayons
Books for Monday- English Gr, Hindi Gr
Note- Revise for Recap on Monday
Bring any 1 indoor games like puzzles, chess, ludo ,clay, etc for tomorrow's LBB Day.

Maths - Revise C.W and do pg 114
Ev.S - Revise C.W
Eng - Revise C.W 
Books - Eng Gr, DD
Note - Bring Recap NB tomorrow and revise for Recap.

Maths- Revise cw and do page 112
English Gr- Revise cw and learn page 51
Hindi- Revise cw
Books- English Gr, Hindi Gr, Computer

Maths - Revise c.w.
English Grammar-  Revise c.w.
Art - Do page - 52 .
Books - English Grammar and Hindi Nutan.


English - Revise C.W.
Maths - Revise C.W. and pg - 111
Ev.S - Revise C.W.
Books - English Gr
Note -  Diwali Fiesta -25.10.19
Tomorrow's Attire-Party Dress
Bring healthy homemade snack for the Diwali Party.

Maths - Revise C.W.
Englisg Grammar - Read page - 73 and revise C.W. from notebook.
G.K.- Do page - 42.
Hindi Grammar - Do page - 66.
Books- Ev.S. and  English Grammar.

English Gr- Revise cw and Read page 105
Evs-Revise cw and paste pictures of L-14
Maths- Revise cw
Books- English Gr, G.k

Note - Kindly send 1 square shape cut-out of cardboard (20 cm each side) , 1 circle shape cut- out of cardboard (radius 7 cm ), cover 
both the cut - outs of cardboard with floroscent sheet of different collours , send a packet of glitter sheet flowers , sticker of shubh - labh , 2 packets of sticker stones , decorative material , golden gotta  of 10 cm , small golden tussel (latkan ) , tape , fevicol tomorrow i.e. 23.10.19, Wednesday.

Maths- do page 109
Hindi- Revise cw
Evs-Read L-14
Books- Evs, English Gr

Maths - Revise C.W and Read pg 107 and 108.
Hindi Nutan - Read L - 4
Eng Gr - Revise pg 106
G.K.-Do pg 59
Books - Hindi Nutan, Art
Note - Recapitulation Plan is uploaded on the school website.

Maths - Revise C.W.abd Do page -106.
English MCB- Do page -44 and and Revise C.W. from notebook.
Books- English Grammar and Hindi Nutan.

Maths - Revise C.W. and read & do pg 105
Hindi Gr. -  Revise C.W.
Books - Eng MCB, D.D.

Maths- Revise cw and practice line segment.
English - Revise cw
Hindi Gr - Do page 54
Books- Evs, G.k

EvS - Revise C.W
Maths - Revise C.W and Read pg 104
Books - Hindi Gr, Eng MCB 
Note - Bring scale 15cm tomorrow.

Maths and Hindi- Revise cw
English Mcb- Read L-3
G.k- Do page 36
Books-English Mcb, Ev,s
Note- PTM will be held on 12.10.19 i.e. Saturday. Kindly come according to the given time slots
Students are suppose to wear school uniform with the Id cards.Parents are requested to carry their access card.
Roll No 1 to 10 at  8:30 AM to 9:30 AM 
Roll No 11 to 20 at  9:30 AM to 10:30 AM 
Roll No 21 to 30 at 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Roll No 31 to 35 at 11:30 AM to 12:00

Maths and Evs- Revise cw
English MCB-Read the poem on page 48 and do page 50
Book- English Mcb, English Cursive,Computer

Hindi - Revise C.w.
Ev.S. - Read L - 13 and do Q. B on pg 95
Books - Ev.S. , Maths, Eng MCB.
Note - D/P Kindly check the Assessment - 2 syllabus already uploaded on the website.
Maths - Revise  C.W.


                                         Date & Day – 5.10.19 SATURDAY


 A religious and fun filled day full of activities.

Flow for the same


b)    GARBA DANCE - Enthusiastically participation of from class I to V students.

            Attire  -   Lehanga-Chunri or suit (girls)  , Kurta Pyjama with dupatta(boys).

c)  PARTY TIME – Bring chopped seasonal fruits like apple, pear, pomegranate, etc. , chat masala , half lemon, tooth pick, table mat, steel/wooden spoon, bowl, chef cap, apron, etc. for Non fire Cooking Activity – Fruit Chaat. Do not use plastic.

d)  ART TIME – Bring ART file(white pages) along with colours.

NOTE - No books. Only healthy snacks , water bottle  along with almanac.

Maths - Revise C.W. and learn tables (2 - 20)
Eng Cursive - Do pgs 31 & 32
Hindi Cursive - Do pgs 30 & 31
Books (Wednesday) - Ev.S., Maths , Eng Cursive  , G.K.

Hindi Grammar-  Read page 47 and revise C.W. from the note book.
Maths-  Revise C.W.
English Grammar - Do page  59 and revise C.W. from the note book.
Books -Computer, RMK, Hindi Grammar and English Grammar.

English Grammar- Read page - 57.
Maths - Revise c.w.
Books - English Grammar . Hindi Grammar and Dew Drops.

Evs- Paste picture of water cycle and do Q I, J, K on page 81
Hindi Gr - Revise cw
Maths- Revise cw
Books- G.k  English Gr

English- Revise cw
Maths- Do page 102
Books- Hindi Gr, Evs, Drawing file
Dear Parents
Prepare your ward for the group discussion on the following topics as per the given schedule:-
30.09.19(Monday)- Plant more tree to keep the Earth pollution free.
1.10,19(Tuesday)-Slogands and teachings by Gandhi ji (relate it to 150 birth anniversary)
3.10.19(Thursday)-Say no to plastic and make the Earth fantastic. 

English Gr- Do page - 80 and revise C.W.
Ev.S.- Revise C.W. and do page -88.
Maths - Revise C.W.
Books - English MCB , Hindi Nutan .

Evs-Read L-12 and do page 83
Maths- Revise cw and read page 98
Books- Evs, English Gr, Computer

24.9.19English  Revise cwMaths Revise cw and do page 101Books Hindi Nutan, Evs,Note Dear ParentsKindly send a photocopy of voter ID and Adhar Card of  the family members so that your details can be updated under Electoral Verification Programme

23.9.19Maths - Revise C.W. and do page -100.Ev.S - Do pg - 79 and 80Books- English MCB, Hindi NNote - Bring photocopy of Voter Id and one more id like Aadhaar card, Driving Licence, pancard, ration card, passport, water electricity bill etc.of each individual in student's household who is 18 or above for Electoral Verification Programme by 25.9.19 (Wednesday)21.9.19Ev.S. - Revise C.W.Maths - Revise C.W. and do page -99.English MCB - Read page-104.Books- English MCB.Note- Bring activity material.20.9.19Hindi- Read L-9English-Revise cwMaths- Revise cw and read pages 96 and 97Books- English Mcb,Maths, Hindi Nutan . Note-Tomorrow is a working day Saturday 21.9.19.     Dear Parents ,Kindly prepare your ward for Poster Making Activity Topic- SAY NO TO PLASTIC         on Monday 23.9.19 and bring one A3 sheet bordered with tape .Bring crayons, pencils colours.Bring Single used waste plastic material like used straws, bottles   icecream cups etc. for Plastic Dumping Activity on Monday 23.9.19.  18.9.19Hindi Gr- Revise page 78 Maths - Do page -93.English - Revise C.W.Books- My Activity book,  Computer and RMKNote - Bring a black sketch pen and colour pencil for the activity tomorrow.17.9.19Maths- Do Q1and Q2 on page 88English- Read L- 7 and do page 101Books- English Mcb, Hindi Gr, Maths16.9.19Eng - Revise C.W.Hindi - Revise C.W.Maths - Do Q 1 & 2 on pg 85Books  -  Maths, Ev.s., Eng MCB 13.9.19English and Hindi- Revise cwEv.s- Do pages 77 and 78Books- Hindi Nutan ,  Art12.9.19Maths- Do page 90English and Evs- Revise cwBooks- Computer, Hindi Nutan , Note- Kindly send the any colour A3 sheet as per the given layout for Hindi Calligraphy tomorrow.11.9.19Evs- Read L-11 and do page 70Hindi Nutan- Read L-8Maths and English- Revise cwBooks-Evs, Computer9.9.19Hindi- Revise cwMaths- Revise cw and Do Q1 on page 82English- Read page 52 and Do QF on page 55Books- Hindi Nutan , E,vs, English Gr6.9.19English , Evs and Maths-Revise cwDew Drops- Do pages 32 and 33Book- Rang Manch Ki KhaniyaBooks on Monday- English Gr , Drawing file5.9.19Maths- Do Q.1. On page- 80 and Revise C.W.Books- English Grammar, Computer and Hindi Grammar.4.9.19Hindi- Read page 35 and revise cwEvs- Revise cwBooks- English Gr, Hindi GrNote-Dear ParentsThis is to inform you that tomorrow's dispersal will be at 12 noon on account of Teacher's Day.Kindly make necessary arrangements to pick your ward accordingly.School transport will be ply according to the aforementioned time.3.9.19Ev.s- Read L-10 and paste pictures of different types of food of different states.Maths- Revise cwEnglish- Revise cwBooks- Evs, English Gr, Hindi Gr2.9.19Hindi - Revise C.W.Maths - Revise C.W. and do pg 78.Eng Gr - Read pg 45Books - Ev.S., Eng Gr.

Maths- Do page - 75.
English - Revise C.W. and read page 107 of English Grammar.
Dew Drops - Do pages -38 and 39.
Books - Hindi Nutan  and English Grammar.

Hindi- Revise cw
Evs- Revise cw
English- Revise cw
G.k- Do page 20
Books- English Gr, Dew Drops, Computer

English- Revise C.W. and Read poem on page 62
Maths- Do page 74
Hindi- Read L-6
Books- Hindi Nutan, English MCB, Eng Gr., G.K.

Hindi- Revise cw
Maths- Do page 76
Books- Hindi Nutan, English Mcb, G.k

Evs- Read L- 9 and paste pictures of different types of insects in notebook.
Maths- Revise cw and learn tables (2-20)
English - Revise cw
Books-Hindi Gr, Evs, 

English- Revise cw and read pages 38 and 39
Maths- Do page 68
Books- English Gr, Evs , Maths

Evs- Revise cw
Hindi- Revise cw
Hindi Gr- Read page 73 and read  Q 2 on page 75
Books- Dew Drops, G.k , Maths, Drawing File

English - Revise C.W.
Hindi - Revise C.W.
G.K.- Do page 15.
Books- Computer,  English Grammar and Maths.
Note- Bring activity material tomorrow.

20.08.19Eng - Revise C.W.Ev.S.- Revise C.W.Maths - Do pg 72Books - Hindi Nutan, Eng Gr., Maths

Hind - Revise cw.
English - 
Revise cw.
Maths- Do pg - 65 & 66.
English Gr and Ev.S
Note - a)  a) Bring painted paper cup (dark blue ) , 2 cut outs of hands (green glitter sheet) , fevicol , half metre green colour ribbon , blue sticker stones , googly eyes on Thursday i.e.22.8.19
           b) D/P
                Assessment - 1 worksheets given, please sign and return them by Wednesday (21/8/19) positively. 

Hindi- Read L-14.
Ev.S.- Read L-8 and paste pictures of different kinds of birds in note book.
Maths- Do pages 79 and 80.
Books- English MCB , Art and Hindi Nutan.

Maths- Do page 64
English - Revise cw and do page 61
Books-Evs, English Mcb, Hindi Nutan , Computer

Hindi- Revise cw
Maths- Do page 62
English- Read L-4
Books- English Mcb
1. Bring any colour A 4 size sheet , sketch pens and crayons tomorrow.
2. Bring tricolour food 

Evs- Revise cw
Maths- Do page 60 and learn tables(2-20)
G.K- Revise for the assessment i.e on 13.8.19 and do pages 18 and 19
Books- English mcb, Hindi Gr, G.K
Note- PTM will be held on 10.8.19 i.e. Saturday. Kindly come according to the given time slots.
Roll No 1 to 10 at 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM 
Roll No 11 to 20 at 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM 
Roll No 21 to 30 at 100:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Roll No 31 to 35 at 11:30 AM to 12:00

Hindi- Revise for the Assessment
Books-My Activity Book,G.k,Dew Drops, Computer
Note- Bring sketch pens and crayons tomorrow.

Hindi- Revise cw.
EvS - Revise cw.
Maths- Do page 66 and revise tables (11-20).
Books- Eng gr, Maths, Computers.

English- Revise cw
Maths- Do page 53 and revise tables 2-10
Books- RMK, Evs,Eng gr,

Ev.S.- Revise for the assessment tomorrow.
Books - English Grammar.