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III D -Ms. Akanksha Sudan

Dear Parents
Kindly check Heads - Announcements and Revision Worksheets regularly for shared information to stay updated.

Dear Parents
The team of Bhartians are constantly putting their precious time and efforts to make the students learning beneficial.

“ Creating something together with the parents can make a child feel loved and wanted in the home”

By keeping the above mentioned quote in mind ,we have planned the following activities and worksheets for our students to spend their qualitative time productively.

Kindly go through  the undermentioned work.

▶️ Write a few lines or any drawing mentioning Do’s and Don’ts for protecting yourself from COVID-19

The above mentioned work is suppose to be done in A 4 size sheets.

Stay Creative , Stay Indoor
Team Bhartians

 Dear Parents

On this auspicious occasion of Ashtami and Navami Pujan.
We suggest you to motivate your ward to sing and learn the shared prayer to feel proctected , inspired and postive.
The parents should encourage their ward to recite it and make a spritual practice as we be continuing as a prayer for the Morning Assembly once the school
will reopoen.
May God shower his choicest blessings on all of us.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed !!
Team Bhartians



Dear Parents

The team Bhartians are constantly finding ways to engage our students and ensure that their learning should not hampered during this time of pandemic. 

With respect to the gentle message shared above.

We would like to draw your kind attention towards a campaign organised by the Smile Foundation.

Related details is there on the shared IMAGE .

We urge you to motivate your ward to take part in this campaign in the best possible way to spread the message on how to Fight The Corona Pandemic.

Also, we’d like you to click on COVID-19 Self Assessment link below to take a self check and involve all other family members too .

It’ll be our great pleasure  if you share your valuable feedback and suggestions with the teachers for the shared content which are uploading through ERP and Website.

Stay Safe ,Stay Healthy!!
Team Bhartians

COVID-19 Self Assessment link - Hi Guys before we put extra pressure on clinics and hospitals please test yourself by using this link. Please share with as many people as possible


Dear Parents
Kindly go through the video uploaded today . There are basic protective measures against the Coronavirus.This will help you and others to protect themselves from infection. Take care of your health and protect others also by following the Dos and Don'ts shared in the video.

Be READY to fight # COVID 19


Team Bhartians.

Dear Parents
Kindly go through the uploaded PDF of Routine Environmental Cleaning and Housekeeping protocol for residential areas.
This will help you and guide to maintain a clean and safe environment around you and your home.
We also suggest you to take more and more hot fluids , stay inside , spend quality time with your kids and family.

Stay healthy and protected !!

Team Bhartians.

Cleaning Protocol Slides- Residential-1

Dear Parents
In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic  we are sharing some enrichment full activities in the form of videos , worksheets , circulars , checklists etc on the ERP and Website both.
We request you all to kindly go through them, involve yourself , motivate and engage your child during this time and make it worthy.
Also prepare a folder of your child's work so that his or her work would be easily submitted when the school will reopen.
Stay happy and stay safe!!

Team Bhartians



Dear Parents
Kindly ensure that your ward utilises time by watching the shared video and practising the uploaded worksheet.


Dear Parents
Kindly ensure that your ward utilises time  by watching the shared video and practising the uploaded worksheet

Team Bhartians

Dear Parents,
The Report card for classes 1 to 3 will be published online on 25th March, 2020 by 12.00 pm

Dear Parents,

Kindly go through the following video for some fun exercises to do with your ward as engaging in extracurricular activities is a 
great way to nurture your child's hidden talents and utilising their time effectively.

Dear Parents
Kindly go through the following link for safety measures against COVID-19